Diego Reyeros


Diego holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Labor Studies from Simon Fraser University and is a Certified Human Resources Professional in Canada. Through his experience in human resources, his expertise in labor markets and his passion for youth development, Diego has advocated for progressive youth-related policies at a number of diplomatic and economic forums.

In 2014, Diego acted as Head Delegate of the YDC at the WTO Forum in Geneva. He describes this as one of his biggest accomplishments as an immigrant in Canada. Diego also participated as youth delegate at the Y20 2013, the Young Diplomats Forum 2014, the OECD Forum 2014 and the UN’s Youth Assembly 2015.

As a young community leader in Vancouver, BC, Diego has lead a number of non-for-profits including the International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum and My Vision Global, an international incubator and accelerator of social businesses for young entrepreneurs. 

In early 2016, Diego joined the YDC Executive to help develop our fast-growing recruitment program. He is currently based in Mexico where he leads some of the larges labor mobility projects in the private sector.