Digital Advocacy

In 2016, YDC launched our Digital Advocacy initiative pilot. The 2016 Y20 delegates had the opportunity to share policies negotiated at the Y20 in China and directly engage Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over a Google Hangout. The second phase of the pilot enabled our World Bank delegates to digitally debate policies directly with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

Using tech platforms as the vehicle, we can connect young people directly to decision makers and global leaders. In our view, this is essential in building more inclusive policy debates and particularly in overcoming geographic and financial barriers. Stay tuned as we further develop our Digital Advocacy Framework. 

2018 Canadian Y20 Delegates meet with Mr. Jonathan Fried, Canada’s G20 Sherpa


On July 10th, Canadian Y20 Delegates Aniqah Zowmi and Fahim Rahman met with Mr. Jonathan Fried, Canada’s G20 Sherpa. Issues covered in the meeting included inclusive and accessible education, promoting a culture of lifelong learning, and tackling issues such as systemic marginalization and gender inequality. This meeting was intended to guide the development of recommendations for the Y20 Delegates in advance of their Summit, based on Mr. Fried's extensive experience in negotiation at the G20 level.

Attention was paid to the diverse membership of the G20, and the connected issues other nations will be looking at when the summit convenes in Argentina. Collaboration between nations, as well as public and private sectors will be required to tackle society’s issues today. The conversation also discussed how to continually engage stakeholders and youth before and after the summit to ensure action following the development of the Y20 communique.

We thank Mr. Fried for taking the time to speak with us and for his insight into the G20. We look forward to sharing ideas on the needs of Canadian youth with him, as well as the youth communiqué that will be developed in Argentina this August at the Y20 Summit.