Young Canadians on the world stage.

Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) develops the diplomatic leadership and international advocacy experience of young Canadians, through hands-on training programs and key partnerships that give our delegates exclusive access to high-level geopolitical events and summits.

YDC is a federally incorporated non-profit, non-partisan, and youth-led organization comprised of a team of volunteers who are passionate about Canadian foreign policy, diplomacy, and international affairs. Our operations are focused around our core mission of building Canada’s next generation of global leaders, through which we aim to become the official national voice of Canada's future foreign policy.


Through its international programs and research activities, YDC also seeks to advocate for policies that reflect the viewpoints and best interests of younger generations. This includes direct engagement with government officials and knowledge contributions to other young diplomatic training organizations. YDC is proud to have been a part of achieving the following outcomes:

  • The G20 Leaders’ 2014 communiqué included a section on youth unemployment ( and acknowledged the Youth 20 for their contributions (
  • The World Bank Group / International Monetary Fund delegation met with Canadian Minister of International Development, The Honourable Christian Paradis, at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington, D.C., to discuss Canadian development efforts.
  • YDC executives have also spoken at various fora on political involvement, including the Manning Centre and University of Toronto, Trinity College.