2018 World Trade Organization Public Forum



Inaara Hasmani, Head Delegate
Zachary Biggs, Communications Coordinator
Khalid Khan
Garrett Audet
Audrey-Frédérique Lavoie

Inaara Hasmani


Inaara Hasmani, is a second year iBBA student at the Schulich School of Business at York University. She’s passionate about social entrepreneurship, international business and an advocate for human rights. She is the Co-Founder of Flo, a platform that delivers goods and resources to rural areas through existing human movement. This year, she took part in the largest social entrepreneurship competition called Hult Prize, where she placed 1st at York University and advanced to Cairo, Egypt to pitch Flo. From over 400 international applications, she was selected as the youngest from 1 of 13 Junior Fellows for the 6 Degrees Junior Fellowship run by ex-governor general, the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. Through the fellowship, she founded InterFaith, a monthly excursion for high school students and the public that focuses on Toronto’s vast diversity by visiting different places of worship. She launched her first tour with over 45 students who visited a masjid, synagogue, Hindu temple and Church all within one day. Inaara hopes to tackle religious ignorance through her organization, by conducting tours to increase knowledge of other faiths and overall create a pluralistic society. Inaara has been a case competition junkie since her first few weeks into university. She has competed in over 10 different case competitions, placing top 3 in 7 of these competitions ranging from accounting, marketing, strategy to entrepreneurship cases. Inaara hopes to continue being involved in her community, making a change in the world and discuss international trade at the WTO Public Forum

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Zachary Biggs

Zak is a Research Coordinator at the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary. He specializes in trade policy and has a forthcoming paper on policy responses to labour market disruption caused by trade and technological innovation. Zak is also interested in what shapes public opinion on trade. He hopes to use his participation at the WTO Public Forum to discuss the best ways to increase public support for trade.  

Prior to becoming a researcher, Zak obtained a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Calgary. His capstone project modelled the impact of Alberta’s carbon tax on households by income level. Zak also holds a BA in political science with a concentration in international relations from Carleton University.

Zak spent 18 months managing scientific research projects at the Bavarian Research Alliance in Munich. Living in Germany introduced Zak to the Energiewende, Gemütlichkeit and Lederhosen. Zak has a global worldview that has been developed by also living in England (24 months) and France (6 months). He speaks English, French and German.

Zak is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and is the co-founder of the Global Shapers Policy Forum, a platform for young leaders to share their insight on the policy issues most important to them.

Zak enjoys spending his free time exploring new cultures, biking, skiing and supporting Tottenham Hotspur. He is also an avid reader, with his favourite book being Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

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Khalid Khan


Khalid Khan is a recent law graduate from the University of Sussex, and holds an Honours Bachelors of Arts from the University of Toronto. In summer 2017, Khalid helped to spearhead an amendment to the United Nations Dispute Tribunal. The proposed amendment calls for the admittance of class action lawsuits, under the UN staff union within the tribunal. UNSU locus standi would be pursuant to reducing the backlog of individual filings against the same individual or group, and victim protection for staff who would otherwise be subject to retaliation from supervisors. Drumming up support from internal and external UN officials, the Canadian Mission, and external representatives, the proposal has passed its initial legal scrub and stands with the Internal Justice Committee. Khalid has been an international blog correspondent for the Canadian International Council, interviewing Canadian representatives and authoring pieces on international law. His first entry was on the unnecessary concerns of regulatory chill in free trade agreements such as NAFTA, and how CETA addresses these within its Chapter 8 provisions. His most recent piece with the Office of the Minister of Finance and Canada Revenue Agency, focuses on anti-corruption and tax avoidance laws abroad, and what Canada can benefit to emulate regarding its own current anti-money laundering strategy. Khalid also founded the ACTS (Allyship Certification Training Series) program at the University of Sussex, wherein he facilitated free legal rights in the workplace seminars, alongside workshops for and with women, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ2 communities. He also provided free self defence lessons from Krav-Maga instructors, and legal rights packages.

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Garrett Audet

Garrett - Headshot.jpg

Garrett Audet is the first person in his family to attend post-secondary education and is a student at the Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. With the increasing complexity of today’s issues, Garrett believes that having an education across political, business, and legal environments provide individuals with a strong basis to resolve current challenges. He believes that through the pursuit of knowledge at an interdisciplinary level one is better enabled to engage in the flexible thinking that invariably leads to creative and unorthodox solutions. Garrett’s experiences have led him to believe that through unwavering determination and discipline one can turn dreams into reality.

Garrett firmly believes in inclusive globalization as a source of progressive change and international trade as an avenue of cultural enrichment and driver of economic growth. While trading atmospheres are often complex, current political rhetoric has called into question the effectivity of our trading dynamic at an international level. Garrett seeks to engage in the 2018 WTO public forum to promote the inclusivity and cohesion that results from trade. Garrett firmly believes that cooperation and negotiation will resolve today’s trade issues not protectionist or retaliatory actions designed to enhance the welfare of states at the detriment of others.

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Audrey-Frédérique Lavoie

Audrey Lavoie - Headshot.JPG

Audrey-Frédérique Lavoie is a graduate of Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf and is currently studying at McGill University where she is completing a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Commerce. Very involved throughout her high school and college, through student associations and UN simulations (NMUN), she is currently continuing her involvement with UN Women McGill and the Young Leaders Circle for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. In love with smart and green municipal politics and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship, her involvement in the Montreal Youth Council reflects her personality. In this sense, the issues that specifically affect urban mobility, the place given to youth in our economic ecosystem, urban planning and gender equality are of great concern to her. She wants to ensure that the concerns of the youth related to these issues are taken into consideration by political authorities.

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