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Jessica is a trilingual Italian-Canadian human rights advocate residing in Montréal, Québec. Now studying law at Université de Montréal, she previously obtained a degree in International Development and International Relations from McGill University. She has had the privilege of working with the Canadian Council for Refugees and has met with various world leaders to discuss policy – notably, previous Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon. She is currently serving her mandate as a member for the municipal Youth Council of Montreal and is also a volunteer at the McGill Legal Information Clinic. Jessica is a firm believer in equal opportunity and making the justice system more accessible, and uses every opportunity she has to do so.

Jessica first got involved with the Young Diplomats of Canada as a Bilingual Coordinator, where she safeguarded the presence of both French and English languages across all YDC channels. Now, as Communications Coordinator, Jessica is responsible for ensuring that YDC’s online and offline presences resonate across platforms, with the aim of making YDC the national youth advisory board on future policy recommendations. .