New Look, New Horizons for YDC

You may notice a few changes around here. The fresh, clean look for YDC’s website is both the product of many hours of dedication, and an effort by our organization to better define our future as Canada’s premier international youth leadership organization.

The new and new name for our publication the Young Diplomats Journal emphasize our key activities and also expresses new focuses for YDC: research and advocacy.

As we sought to clearly express our mission and mandate, it became evident that simply sending Canada’s top young leaders to attend international diplomatic events was only part of the effort.

YDC has matured since our original founding in 2009, and over the years our delegates, supporters, and followers have regularly requested the opportunity to contribute to our thought leadership in a meaningful way. The Young Diplomats Journal will be an ongoing venue for this research and commentary. (Be sure to send us your op-eds, articles and research).

Similarly, our delegates do much more than shake hands with diplomats and foreign leaders when they attend events, and our new focus on advocacy will more formally offer the opportunity to express genuine policy proposals and ideas created by each delegate.

In addition to exploring our new website, check us out on social media and stay tuned for our next opportunities to apply to international delegations, contribute to research projects, and engage in advocacy with Young Diplomats of Canada.

Jaxson Khan & Robert Onley
Co-Founders, Young Diplomats of Canada