Press Release: Young Canadians express their G7 priorities



Earlier last month, a group of five young Canadians arrived at the Youth 7 (Y7) Summit in Tokyo to negotiate and discuss policy proposals with other young leaders from the G7 nations. The Y7, the official consultation forum for youth in the G7 under 30 years of age, allowed the opportunity for international leaders to be signatories to a remarkable communiqué with the goal of influencing the discussions on the table at this month’s Ise-Shima G7 Summit.

Youth voices are crucial to the heart of G7 countries. This generation is extremely connected, and shares many aspirations across countries which are economically and socially similar, yet providing diverse perspectives and solutions to major international challenges.

The Y7 Summit’s debates allowed the delegations to identify over 20 policy propositions surrounding the themes of international security, sustainable development, and the economy and labour force.

On international security, many tangible actions were debated for countering youth radicalisation. Equally, were questioned the best ways to foster the human capital and opportunities provided by the arrival of refugees.

The theme of sustainable development examined gender equality, education equality, and the opportunities provided by social entrepreneurship. Implementing education surrounding gender-based violence and mental health was a priority, as was scaling tuition and post-secondary debt to income level; ensuring equality in child care options, and measuring unpaid labour in society. Addressing the opportunities of social entrepreneurship for the new generation was developed through policies ensuring that it can be viable and supported career option for youth.

The subject of the economy and the labour force provided the opportunity to identify strategies for better addressing the aging populations at the core of G7 nations, and the rising power of artificial intelligence in society. The discussions had a particular focus on the concept of universal basic income and on the need to better stimulate succession planning in the labour market.

The Canadian delegation comprised of Julien Geremie, Megan Beretta, Moustafa Ezz, Bianca Ponziani, and Donovan Taplin, are extremely proud of their participation and contributions to the summit, and hope that the policy proposals which were developed are echoed in the debates around the G7 Leaders Summit. “The Canadian positions are progressive, creative, and strong. We arrived in Tokyo to propose concrete actions and we are extremely proud to say that our language was used to form the base of the final communiqué of the Y7 Summit”, commented Julien Geremie, Head of the Canadian Delegation.

The Canadian delegates are watching the Prime Minister and the federal government closely, to ensure that the work done in Japan serves as the foundation of the creation of new policy in Canada. 

Read the 2016 Y7 Delegates' Declaration here.

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