Press Release: YDC send young Canadians to the 2018 World Bank-International Monetary Fund Spring Meetings


OTTAWA, CANADA – April 9, 2018

World Bank / International Monetary Fund Headquarters will bring together banks, governments, civil society and the private sector on April 17 to 22 for their Spring Meetings, to discuss the most important issues facing our global economy.  

To ensure the voices of young Canadians are present and engaged, Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is proud to announce that five young Canadian leaders will attend the WB/IMF Spring Meetings. Joining YDC after a national competition of candidates under 30, the delegation of young professionals includes a young entrepreneur, a Master’s Candidate and a Fintech professional. Together, the delegation will not only represent Canada's youth, but contribute a uniquely informed perspective on macroeconomic policy, from both a Canadian and international perspective.

“The World Bank/IMF meetings have, in the past two years, centered on global development in the context of digitalization, globalization, and other emerging trends; these are trends that young Canadians need to be familiar with, and that they need to gear their translatable skill acquisition towards in order to become productive members of the future of work.” said YDC Head Delegate, Sohaib Ahmed, “Young Canadians also need to understand Canada’s position in the global development landscape, so that they can contribute to advancing other countries – given that Canadian youth are multiculturally diverse, understanding how we could impact other countries could help them reach out to global communities with which they have ties, and make change. Via this summit, we hope to involve non-governmental organizations in the finance and business spheres in WB/IMF discussions, and hold countries accountable for the suggestions they make at the Meetings via compliance research following the Meetings”.

At the WB-IMF Annual Meetings, global leaders from around the world and across sectors will come together to discuss poverty eradication and aid effectiveness by looking for new approaches to tackle big challenges.

Directly engaging global leaders in government and civil society provides an opportunity for the incorporation of youth perspectives within the highest levels of global governance. Through YDC’s social media channels, delegates will provide exclusive coverage directly from the Annual Meetings. 

YDC 2018 Delegates to the WB-IMF Spring Meetings:

  • Sohaib Ahmed, Head Delegate

  • Jordan Storozuk, Communications Coordinator

  • Matundu Loic Veza

  • Claire Robbins

  • Carolyn Gaspar

Biographical info on YDC’s Delegates to the WB-IMF Spring Meetings is accessible here.

You can follow the delegation's live updates via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To learn more about the YDC Delegation to the 2018 WB-IMF Spring Meetings, please contact:


Nicolette Addesa
Director of Communications - Directrice des communications
Young Diplomats of Canada - Les Jeunes diplomates du Canada
email: [email protected]