Press Release: Young Diplomats of Canada send young Canadian leaders to Geneva to attend the 2017 WTO Public Forum

OTTAWA, CANADA – Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This year, all eyes will be on Geneva in September for the World Trade Organization (WTO) Public Forum where governments, policy wonks, and civil society will gather to discuss the most important issues facing global commerce. With Brexit, NAFTA renegotiations, and economic nationalism dominating the news cycle, this year's Public Forum will seek to go "Behind the Headlines."  

To ensure the voices of young Canadians are present and engaged, Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is proud to announce that six young Canadian leaders will attend the WTO Public Forum from September 26 - 28th. Joining YDC after a national competition of candidates under 30, the delegation of young professionals includes a Policy Assistant for the Ontario Government, a finance practitioner, and a United Nations World Food Programme professional. Together, the delegation will not only represent Canada's youth, but contribute a uniquely informed perspective on topics of global importance.

Head Delegate Eashan Karnik believes that “it is essential that Canadian youth play a role in these discussions to ensure that our voices are heard, and our perspectives are captured in the conversation. Our delegation is eager to learn from the nations and dignitaries present at the forum, to build our understanding on the state of global trade, and then to develop this learning and understanding into action that empowers Canada’s trade relations." 

At the WTO Public Forum, this year's theme "Trade: Behind the Headlines" will "[...] examine in detail the realities of trade – the opportunities it offers and the challenges it can bring." Global leaders from around the world and across sectors will come together to discuss the future of trade and how to ensure that it is more inclusive.

Directly engaging global leaders in government and civil society provides an opportunity for the incorporation of youth perspectives within the highest levels of global governance. Through YDC’s social media channels, delegates will provide exclusive coverage directly from the Public Forum.

YDC 2017 WTO Public Forum Delegation:

  • Eashan Karnik, Head Delegate

  • Helen Hanbidge, Communications Coordinator

  • Louis P. Gauvreau

  • Lauren Webber

  • Katelynn Wynen

  • Sebastian Muermann

Biographical info on YDC’s Delegates to the WTO Public Forum is accessible at this link. 

To learn more about the YDC Delegation to the 2017 WTO Public Forum or to schedule media engagements with the delegates, please contact:

Sally Dimachki
Director of Communications - Directrice des communications
Young Diplomats of Canada - Les Jeunes diplomates du Canada
email: [email protected]