Press Release: YDC Send Young Canadians to the 2018 OECD Forum



The Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is excited to announce that six young Canadian leaders will attend the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Public Forum 2018 from May 28 to June 1 in Paris, France.  

 The 2018 YDC delegation to OECD Public Forum:

  • Tatheer Ali, Head Delegate

  • Celine Caira, Communications Coordinator

  • Adèle Bélanger-McMurdo

  • Matthias Leuprecht

  • Sarah Bérubé

  • Garima Karia

Delegates have been selected after a national competition. The delegation of young professionals includes policy analysts in the government, masters students, and economists. Together, they will represent the perspectives of Canadian youth in Paris.  

 Building on last year’s discussions around bridging sharp societal divides, the OECD Forum 2018 will seek to move from ‘diagnosis to action’ and shape solutions to build bridges. Governments, policy wonks, and civil society will gather to discuss the most important policy issues facing the global economy.

 "Engaging young Canadians at international summits is vital to ensuring [our] voices are well represented at multilateral tables,” said YDC Head Delegate Tatheer Ali, adding “the 2018 OECD YDC delegation is an opportunity to engage in policy debates on international cooperation in the 21st century. We’re eager to learn from the experiences of other OECD countries, and in return, to share Canada’s experiences."

 At the Public Forum, Delegates will provide a behind the scenes look at deliberations and a series of high-level meetings through YDC’s social media channels. You can follow the delegation’s live updates via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

 Biographical info on YDC’s Delegates to the OECD Forum is accessible here.

 To learn more about the YDC Delegation to the 2018 OECD Forum, please contact:

Nicolette Addesa
Director of Communications - Directrice des communications
Young Diplomats of Canada - Les Jeunes diplomates du Canada
[email protected]