PRESS RELEASE: YDC sends young canadians to the 2019 Y20 Summit


OTTAWA, CANADA – May 26, 2019

Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) is excited to announce that two of Canada's brightest young leaders will attend the 2019 Youth 20 (Y20) Summit in Tokyo, Japan. The Y20 is a leadership summit that convenes young professionals from G20 countries to develop policy solutions to current global challenges.

The YDC 2019 Y20 Summit delegation:

  • Reema Bazzi

  • Ali Bahman

The Y20 is a Formal G20 Engagement Group that brings together nationally selected youth delegates from every G20 Member State to negotiate and present policy recommendations to G20 Leaders.

The priorities of 2019 Y20 Tokyo focus on three areas: International Trade, Business and the Environment and the Future of Work. As young professionals, Y20 delegates will discuss the way international trade is changing and what shape it might take in the future. When is comes to business and the environment, Y20 delegates will discuss how governments and corporations are able to maintain their economic growth while moving towards a sustainable environment. Lastly, how our labor force should function in the future and how to prepare for inevitable shifts in the world economy will be elaborated on during the Y20.

Young Diplomats of Canada is the Government of Canada’s national nominating partner for Canada’s Y20 2019 Delegation.

Biographical info of the YDC Y20 delegates can be found here. You can follow the delegation's live updates via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To learn more about the YDC Delegation to the 2019 Y20 Summit, please contact:

Nicolette Addesa
Director of Communications - Directrice des communications
Young Diplomats of Canada - Les Jeunes diplomates du Canada
[email protected]