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Sabrina currently works with Nutrition International as a policy and advocacy officer to transform the lives of vulnerable people, especially women, adolescent girls and children by improving their nutritional status. 

Sabrina previously worked in Government Relations with the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) focusing on government affairs and legislation related to housing at the federal level. Sabrina's work with CREA focused on developing policies to help promote homeownership and to ensure that Canada continues to maintain its housing market. 

Sabrina is currently serving as the co-chair of the Youth 7 (Y7) summit which serves as the formal side engagement to the G7 as part of Canada's 2018 G7 presidency. Sabrina spent over 10 years working in developing programs for youth academic conferences focused on the United Nations in Calgary, Seattle, Portland and New York. 

Sabrina has also worked extensively in provincial politics in Alberta prior to the dissolution of the PC Party of Alberta focused on campaigns, youth engagement and media relations.