YDC Canadian Youth Organizations Database

The Young Diplomats Youth Organization Database is our way of democratizing youth engagement across Canada.

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Accessibility is a key determinant that affects whether young people actively engage youth-led organizations. In today’s world, access to accurate and reliable information is a critical component to civic engagement. As a young person in Canada, it can be difficult to understand the youth civil society landscape and even more difficult to know where your contributions can be most meaningful. Until now, a robust and curated catalogue of youth-led organizations in Canada has not existed.

A database that is publicly available for anyone with an internet connection is how the Young Diplomats of Canada hopes to democratize engagement across the country.

As of 2015, young voters have surpassed all other groups to become the single largest voting block in the country. However, young people are not represented proportionally in political discourse or leadership. Connecting with local youth-led civil society organizations is often the first step to empowering young people to play progressively larger roles in the representation and decision-making systems of their communities. By democratizing access to data, Young Diplomats of Canada intends to help the momentum necessary to bring more young people into civil society to help ensure decision-making at the local, municipal, provincial, and federal levels begins to reflect the priorities of youth.

As part of the Youth Parkour Project funded by Erasmus+ and the European Union, the Young Diplomats of Canada has conducted a comprehensive landscape analysis to create a database of youth-led organizations in Canada that work with federal, provincial and municipal levels, complete with their contact info, topic area and opportunities available for youth in the organizations.

The aim is to be able to connect young people with organizations that may be of interest and for people or projects looking to engage youth in Canada to have readily available information on a wide range of groups This is meant to further democratize youth engagement and to ensure people are engaging with young subject matter experts.

If you're looking for organizations to get involved with, take a look below:

Let us know what you think of the database! If you have any comments, suggestions or recommendations, please don't hesitate to reach out. Organizations wishing to be featured can email Nicolette Addesa, Young Diplomats of Canada’s Director of Communication here: [email protected]