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Have you ever wondered what it was like to attend a delegation with the YDC? Want to hear first hand how we promote the leadership of young Canadians through international delegations, research projects, and advocacy initiatives?

The Young Diplomats of Canada has partnered with Beyond the Headlines, a Canadian current affairs radio show that takes you beyond the headlines! While reflecting on the complexity of shaping policy in a post-truth world and identifying opportunities for civic engagement and co-creation with citizens, our podcasts will address issues like: International Co-operation, Inclusive Growth, Digitalisation. Check it out below!

OECD 2018 Delegation Podcast

In May 2018, a group of six young Canadians came together from around the world to serve as the Young Diplomats of Canada delegates to the OECD Forum 2018 in Paris. The Youth Delegation met with high-level leaders and thinkers from around the globe, to discuss what the future will look like for youth and to reflect on what brings us together.