Q1- What is YDC?

YDC is a federally incorporated non-profit, non-partisan, and youth-led organization comprised of a team of volunteers who are passionate about Canadian foreign policy, diplomacy, and international affairs. Our operations are focused around our core mission of building Canada’s next generation of global leaders, through which we aim to become the official national voice of Canada's future foreign policy.

Young Diplomats of Canada (YDC) develops develops the global leadership potential of young Canadians through hands-on training programs and key partnerships that give our delegates exclusive access to high-level geopolitical events and summits.

Q2- What do you look for in candidates?

We seek young Canadian leaders who are innovative, ambitious, eager to learn and demonstrate the ability to be good team players. We want to give our delegates the space to develop their professional skills and gain tools that are valuable to both their career and personal goals.

Q3- How do I apply? What is the recruitment process like?

Each delegation has its own recruitment process. We usually ask candidates to fill out an online application form. Other requirements vary, but may include a written policy brief, résumé and/or interview with members of the Executive Team.

Q4- Is there an age limit to attend as a delegate or to join the executive?

We aim to provide opportunities for young Canadians. Therefore, we require that applicants be younger than 30 and at least 18 years of age at the time of application. Please note that eligibility for delegations can vary depending on the host country of a summit. Please refer to the age requirement indicated on each application. Concerns about age requirements may be directed to [email protected]

Q5- What are the additional responsibilities of a Head Delegate?

The Head Delegate (HD) is the main point of contact between the delegation and the YDC Executive. The HD is also in a charge of organizing all pre-summit conference calls, in-person meetings, and other administrative requirements for the delegates. The HD is the chief spokesperson of the YDC Delegation at meetings with important stakeholders including Canadian and foreign ministers, embassies, media, and other institutions.

Q6- What is the time commitment of being a YDC delegate?

Beginning as soon as you are selected and continuing beyond the end of the international summit, we expect a considerable commitment from YDC delegates. Prior to the summit, you will meet with your fellow delegates, strategize and formulate a delegation vision. Following, you are expected to engage in domestic and international advocacy through a variety of media, including publishing thought pieces and meeting with stakeholders in government and civil society.  Past examples have included meetings with the Canadian Minister of International Development in Washington, penning editorials in the Globe and Mail, and contributing pieces to the World Bank.

Q7- Am I able to apply if I am in undergrad?

Yes. Typically, the average age of delegates is 24 or 25. That said, we do recruit exceptional undergraduate students. Kindly note that YDC is looking for candidates with impressive track records and the passion to represent Canada abroad.

Q8- Am I able to apply even if I applied for past delegations?

Yes. We recognize that each YDC Delegation brings together a unique makeup of professions, skill sets, and abilities.  We consider whether your blend of experiences and credentials are suited for a particular summit. We encourage you to apply for any YDC opportunities you feel suit your academic and professional background. In your application, be sure to  highlight how your candidacy aligns with the specifics  of the delegation.  However, we want to ensure all delegates and YDC ambassadors engage in adequate preparation for each summit, hence if you were successful in gaining a spot, you will not be selected to participate in two delegations taking place simultaneously.


There are two categories of summits in our conference circuit: the Educational summits (e.g. OECD/World Bank-IMF) and the Advocacy summits (e.g. Y7/Y20). Please note that YDC alumni can only apply to one conference of each category. In other words, if you are a YDC alumni, you are welcome to apply to one Educational summit and one Advocacy summit of your choosing. Due to the limited number of delegates and the high volume of applications, YDC aims to open participation for as many individuals as we can - whether YDC alumni or not. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].  

Q10- What are the main qualities that you are looking for in your candidates?

  • Passion, interest and/or experience in international affairs and diplomacy

  • Proven leadership capability

  • Positivity and ability to function well within a diverse team

  • Innovative with evidence of embarking on new opportunities and improving upon the status quo

  • Intellectual thread - specific knowledge within a particular theme, area or sector, e.g. international finance, energy, health policy, development economics, education, entrepreneurship

Q11- Is there any funding available?

Participation costs are likely to be covered. However, delegates are responsible for all other costs, including ground transportation, accommodation, and flight costs. Note that the majority of delegations typically share accommodation (hotel, AirBnB, time-share) and ground transportation (taxis) to reduce costs and enjoy a team environment.

Unfortunately we do not offer other bursaries/grants or any type of financial assistance at this time. We understand that travelling to these events can be costly, and as a diverse, volunteer, youth-led organisation, we are in the process of improving the financial and general accessibility of our offerings through fundraising and sponsorship. For now, there are many ways you can fundraise within your community. If selected as a delegate, our executive would be more than happy to discuss different fundraising strategies with you.

Q12- What other political opportunities are available for youth in general?

There are a ton of awesome organizations in Canada that promote and run political engagement opportunities for young people. Here are a few suggested links that some YDC executive & members have recommended and participated in over the years:

  1. Global Vision -

  2. CanLeads -

  3. Society for the Young and Politically Engaged (SYPE) -

  4. Canada Youth Climate Coalition -

  5. Forum for Young Canadians -

Q13- Is YDC a membership organization and are there regular meetings for participants?

YDC has a membership of past ambassadors (delegates), and we are looking towards hosting annual meetings, networking events, and bootcamps on diplomatic training in the future. For now, we have an awesome newsletter, and we strongly encourage you to subscribe for important updates!

Q14- How do I stay up to date on opportunities with YDC?

Subscribe to our newsletter on and follow our Facebook page (, Twitter account (  & Instagram (ydcanada) to stay up-to-date on future opportunities.

Q15- Have you had any initiatives on Women and Leadership in the past?

No, we have not. Some members of our executive have been involved with women’s organizations and are seeking to develop a YDC agenda that targets this topic. One of our future initiatives will likely be an event on Women & Leadership, in collaboration with another organization specifically focused on women and leadership.

Q16- Where have you sent delegations in the past?

In the past we have sent delegations to the Youth 20; World Bank & International Monetary Fund Annual Meetings; World Trade Organization Public Forum; Nuclear Knowledge Summit & the OECD Forum, and more.

Q17- do you have to be a Canadian citizen to apply?

For the educational delegations such as WB/IMF, OECD, and WTO: only Canadian citizens & Permanent residents are eligible. 

For the advocacy delegations such as Y7 and Y20: we accept only Canadian citizens.

Each applicant must meet the proper visa and entry requirements to enter the host country before submitting the application. YDC will not be responsible for securing visas.